Our Mission:

  1. To deliver The Bread of Life to the Nations by funding Prophetess Zari's travel and ministry expenses and those our ministry supports.
  2. To share The Gospel with power and demonstration.
  3. To bless and serve Israel and The Jewish People.
  4. ​To heal the sick, cast out demons, speak in tongues, and perform greater works.
  5. To care for orphans, widows and prisoners. This includes single parents.
  6. To meet the needs of the poor and homeless.
  7. To equip the saints for ministry.

ZBIF Supports

Partner with us!

Know that every seed sown into this ministry goes down into the fertile soil of our anointing. Our anointing wraps around your seed, and as you water and fertilize it, it will produce an abundant and proper harvest at the appointed time. Blessings!