healing the Psalm 139:16 timelines. We're also going to discuss the antichrist spirit that's already in the world, but we've been ignoring greatly in The Body, and as a result, losing the culture war. There's one more topic The Lord is considering, but I haven't completely caught it, yet. I'll let you know when He lets me know what it is.

The Early Bird price is $60 for 18 & up, 17 & under are free, welcome and encouraged to attend. Minors need the same ministry that we need as adults. This price goes up June 30 2018. Register today by clicking on SHOP above. There are limited spots available for this conference because we want to be able to offer personal ministry to everyone who needs some victory over the enemy for a change.

The conference is in the beautiful Tri-Cities, WA. A fast-growing area in Southeastern, WA State that has 300 days of sunshine and hosts The Columbia and Snake Rivers. Learn more here.

This year - 5778 - brought us to new, open doors and 5779 will be a year of abundant harvests.

One of the weapons I needed personally to overcome in 5778 was understanding my authority through Christ's finished work. As I've sought to grow in understanding about that work, my spirit has matured to new levels and my intimacy with The Lord has increased.

At this year's conference, we're going to host deep, intimate deliverance sessions that address those hard issues of life we struggle to get free from. We're going to tear down those strongholds that haven't moved in the past - or at least haven't moved permanently. And if we don't get them moved for good, we'll at least start battering with new, fresh tools that'll put you on the path to lasting freedom.

For those who should be farther along in life than they are currently, we're going to begin 

Howard Amon Park, Tri-Cities, WA October 23, 2017

Special thanks, grace and abundant blessings to the #SY5778 Sponsors!!

Nikia Williams